What’s Your Anti-Job?


Words By Claudia Watts

BZZZZZZZ*#!!!!ZZZZZZZZ the alarm clock has started its usual morning rant. It is 6:00am. Out the door onto the bus, through the doors, up the elevator, to the desk and SAFE! The hands on the clock move at a tortoise like pace until they finally read 6:00pm. The day can begin. From 6:30pm on Amanda is practicing; emailing promoters, coordinating with venues and creating with her band mate Martin.  She returns to her bed a few hours short of dawn.

The Band: The Anti-Job

“The name has evolved over time; at this point it’s basically the underlying passion that brings you passion. So my anti-job is playing music, yours could be…whatever you enjoy doing. It’s like a passionate pursuit.”


Their devotion to the craft is unwavering. Amanda and Martin both believe their music originates in the heart, is influenced by the environment and is channeled through experimentation with their instruments. The end result is a melodious gift that neither would ever be willing to compromise. The band even goes as far as to only perform at venues that share their sentiments.

“This is the music we enjoy creating and we are really passionate about it. We would never really change our sounds to cater to any certain audience.”

“We won’t play at venues if we don’t really believe in their ethics or what they stand for.  Most places are pay to play which are more about making money than supporting the artist. I feel like venues should consider artist like an employee for the night as opposed to this. We work with promoters that are about the artist and play at venues that are stimulating… with genuine people who are really passionate about the music and not really the money…we play at different art spaces where artists can collaborate.”

The music in question is, as Amanda describes, psychedelic! The most recent album, entitled Bloom is an exploration of those 20 something feelings. 

“I knew I wanted to write a conscience album. Songs like running in the alleyway where I only say one verse… is representative of being stuck in a frame of mind.”

The Rain Dance part 1 is one of my favorite songs. Amanda’s voice playfully dances over each beautiful note enchanting you verse by verse.

“I don’t mind being successful as a band but I would love us to be an example that you don’t have to compromise your morals to achieve.”

Talent and conviction are a lovely pair indeed.

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